Water Treatment

Ebbco Cyclone Filtration System

  • Closed-loop design allows for the reuse of shop water
  • Various options are available

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Sidewinder Filtration System

  • Up to 20 GPM delivery
  • The system requires a 3’ x 3’ x 5’ in-ground pit.

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Ebbco Hurricane Polishing System

  • Produces point of use crystal clear water for CNC machines and edge polishers 
  • Hurricane Polishing Systems can be added to any water system
  • Systems are available with various flow rates

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Ebbco Replacement Hurricane Polishing Filter

  • Designed to remove solids through a corrugated polyester media
  • Can be cleaned and reuse

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Ebbco Conical Holding Tank

  • Stores the clean discharge water 
  • Tanks are available in 1000, 1490 and 2600 gallon capacities

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Ebbco Magic Coagulant System

  •  The Automatic Purge Option is Recommended with this unit.

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Ebbco Ozone Generator

  • Helps eliminate bacteria, algae and odor from forming inside the Conical Clarifier tank

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Ebbco Automatic Filter Cleaning Station

  • Designed to clean dirty Hurricane Polishing Filters

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Ebbco Auto Purge Kit

  • Each kit includes a Sludge Hopper with custom designed overflow baffle to collect settled out particulate

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Ebbco Flume Nozzles

  • Helps keep debris and stone chunks from building up


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