Clamps & Vises

Clamps & Vises


Miter-It Clamp Allows "finished side up" miter laminations Lam Clamp Faster, higher quality, and more durable 90 Degree Clamp Adjustable clamp for perfect positioning Carry Clamps Popular items from Omni Cubed

Aqua-Jaw Carry Vise

  • Super-tight vise action prevents slipping when wet
  • Highest capacity carry clamp on the market (800 lbs per pair)
  • Opens wide (to 4.25 inches) for thicker edges and miters

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OmniCubed Miter-It Clamp

  • Miter pieces with finished side up
  • No flipping for gluing
  • Holds miter piece for you

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Mega-Jaw Carry Clamp

  • Quick and easy gravity-assisted carry clamps
  • Enables installers to lift and carry countertops safely
  • Works great for carrying thick concrete countertops
  • The more weight lifted, the tighter the clamp grips

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Stealth Seamer - Automatic

  • Two tools in one: seam joiner and seam leveler
  • Achieve high-quality, even seams
  • Entire seam is accessible during use
  • Eliminates unevenness caused by warped countertops

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90 Degree Clamp - M3

  • Designed for perfect positioning and locking fascia via mitre joints
  • Adjustable jaw allows it to hold various heights and thicknesses
  • Combing two or more M3 clamps can accommodate for different lengths

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Lam Clamp

  • All clamps laminate 4 cm through 6 cm thick edges
  • Feature hidden clamp threads to protect from epoxy contamination
  • Large, easy-grasp tightening handles

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