BEAST PRO Plus Bridge Saw Blade

starting at $250

The Beast Pro Plus Bridge Saw Blade is designed with pattern diamond technology. This specific diamond placement technology allows for the maximum placement of diamonds on the cutting edge at all times. Resulting in fast, clean and consistent cuts from the first cut to the final cut.

  • Designed to cut granite, engineered stone and other natural stone

  • New segment design and configuration for reduced chipping and quieter operation

  • Extra long life

  • Use wet

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Available Products

Item # Arbor Diameter Segment Height Price Quantity
1100185 50-60mm 12" 25mm $249.99
1100186 50-60mm 14" 25mm $291.66
1100187 50-60mm 16" 25mm $343.74
1100188 50-60mm 18" 25mm $447.91
1100189 50-60mm 20" 25mm $541.66