CNC Tools

T-31 Center Water Feed Bit

  • Electroplated slot cutting bits
  • Drilled for center water feed use
  • Used in conjunction with T-31 anchor bolt system

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IMS Darkside Cones - Park

  • Manufactured in Italy
  • Multiple sizes and 1/2" Gas connections available

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Lackmond Pro Blades

  • High diamond consentration for extended life
  • super fast cutting

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Collet Adaptors

Multiple size adaptors to allow grinding points

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Nemi Portable Aluminum Manifold

  • Increase the number of pods used on the table

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Nemi Vacuum Support Clamp

  • Made of stainless steel & aluminum
  • Can be fitted with strap clamp base upon request
  • Standard 8mm fittings

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Nemi Corner Radius Pods

  • Corner Radius shaped vacuum pods
  • 8" x 8" x 4-1/2" Radius
  • 89mm, 90mm, 105mm and 150mm heights available

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