Pumps & Spouts

Accessories and Mixers for our Chemical products

Hot Tips No Clog Spout

  • 12 replacement spouts
  • Fits Hot Stuff Original, Super T, and Special T glues

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Pro-Tips Applicators

  • For precise application of Hot Stuff Original and Super T CA glue
  • 12 per box

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Touchstone Easy Mix Dispenser

  • Pumps out epoxy with a precise 2 to 1 mix ratio
  • Designed to work with Touchstone flowing epoxies
  • Available with and without a heater

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Bonstone Pour Spouts

  • Fits all like-sized metal containers
  • Vented opening allows for controlled pouring and provides air-tight product storage
  • Quart and Gallon models available

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Pail Pump

  • Fits a standard, plastic 5 gallon pail
  • Ideal system for dispensing “Flowing” products

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Cartridge Applicators

  • Manual cartridge applicators / guns
  • Dual, Single, and 50ml versions available

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