Lackmond Stone Transparent Epoxy

  • Ideal for laminating natural and engineered stone
  • Ideal for reparing natural and engineered stone
  • Curing time can be reduced by applying heat

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Lackmond Stone Water-Clear Epoxy

  • Ideal for Laminating and repairing
  • Ideal for light/white natural stone
  • Ideal for light/white engineered stone

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Lackmond Stone 2 Part Tile/Countertop Setting

  • Designed for setting or bonding 
  • Ideal for natural stone countertops, tile and more

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Akepox 2040 Adhesive

  • Excellent for leveling natural and artificial stone surfaces
  • Paste-like viscosity with low shrinkage

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Akepox 1005 Flowing Epoxy

  • Very low viscosity flowing epoxy
  • Excellent penetration into fine and deep cracks

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Akepox 2020 Still Flowing

  • Beige-grey colored still flowing adhesive with low shrinkage
  • Used for filling joints, horizontal bonding and leveling

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Akepox 5010 Penetrating Epoxy

  • Ideal for visible face joints in both indoor and outdoor uses
  • Excellent for white, natural, and artificial stone

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Akepox 5000 Flowing Epoxy

  • Low viscosity 2-component filler
  • For visible bonding
  • Good adhesion on damp stone

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Touchstone Edge System (TES)

  • Clear flowing epoxy
  • Smooth and rich texture
  • Easily fills, bonds and laminates all types of stone

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Touchstone Clear Gel Epoxy

  • Clear knife grade epoxy
  • Smooth, Vaseline-like texture
  • 2 hour set time at 70⁰F

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Touchstone Express 2 Epoxy

  • Smooth, rich texture
  • Ideal for mounting or repairing counter tops
  • 45 minute set time
  • Flowing and Knife Grade available

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Bonstone Fast Set Extreme Cartridge

  • Re-attaching stone
  • Designed for limestone
  • Laminating

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