Bring out the true beauty and color of your stone

Akemi Spider

  • Liquid enhancer to hide spider veins in stone
  • Easy to use with long lasting effects
  • Achieves desired effect in minutes

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Akemi Transformer Enhancer / Impregnator

  • Intensifies the natural color and structure of stone
  • Especially suited for dark and black stones
  • Non yellowing with excellent weather resistance and durability

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Akemi Transformer Exotic Enhancer/Impregnator

  • Provides a deep wet effect color intensification and stain protection on more porous and exotic stones
  • Not effected by UV light
  • Exceptionally fast color enhancement

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Akemi Triple Effect

  • Highly effective stone care and impregnation spray
  • Deeply cleans while restoring luster
  • Repels and protects against oil, water, and grease

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Akemi Darkener Ultra

  • Food safe enhancer / impregnator
  • Hides imperfections in darker stone
  • Excellent water and dirt repellent

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Akemi Color Intensifier

  • Food safe
  • Intensifies color shades
  • Weather resistant product with a long-term effect
  • Produces a wet look without a glossy shine

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Akemi Darkener Super

  • Intensifies the natural color and structure
  • Ideal for use on fine ground and polished stones
  • Water and dirt resistant

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Akemi Darkener Plus

  • Impregnator for darkening the color and structure of fine ground and polished stones
  • Excellent for use with: marble, slate, sandstone, granite, gneiss, and concrete blocks.

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Akemi Darkener Plus Ink

  • Designed to be used with Akemi Darkener
  • For situations where additional color is required
  • Multiple pigments / colors available

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Sunshine Color Enhancer - Natural Effect

  • Designed to be use on granite, marble and other natural stone
  • Enhances color
  • Leaves a permanent wet look on stone surfaces
  • Drying time is approximately 1 hour

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Sunshine Impregnator Stain Protection

  • Designed to protect and seal granite, marble and other natural stone
  • Should be evenly applied to dry and clean materials

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Stone Essentials Enhance & Protect

  • Solvent based enhancer; preserves natural appearance
  • Deep penetrating with maximum stain protection
  • Vapor permeable, no yellowing, UV resistant
  • Excellent oil and water barrier

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