CA Glues & Solvents

CA Glues & Solvents

CA Glues, Accelerants, Solvents, and Accessories

NCF Quick Accelerator

  • Dramatically decreases the curing time of CA glue
  • Available in pump spray and aerosol
  • Mild and Instant hardeners available

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Hot Stuff Glue

  • THIN CA glue with a viscosity similar to water
  • Intended for use on hairline cracks and thin seams
  • Five second curing time2oz volume

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Special 'T' Glue

  • THICK CA glue has a viscosity similar to honey
  • Sixty second cure time
  • 2oz volume

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Super Solvent

  • Excellent choice for debonding and dissolving CA glue
  • 2oz volume

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Hot Stuff Pro Kit

  • Perfect kit for installers includes:
    • 1oz bottles of Hot Stuff, Super T, and Special T
    • 6oz NCF Quick aerosol accelerator
    • 2oz bottle of debonder, extra spouts

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Hot Tips No Clog Spout

  • 12 replacement spouts
  • Fits Hot Stuff Original, Super T, and Special T glues

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Pro-Tips Applicators

  • For precise application of Hot Stuff Original and Super T CA glue
  • 12 per box

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