Acrylic Adhesives

Acrylic Adhesives

Lackmond Acrylic Penetrant

  • Water clear, very thin adhesive to fill fine cracks and fissures
  • Penetrates all the way through the stone
  • 1 Quart

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Lackmond Stone Vortex Glue

  • 100% vinyl ester stone adhesive
  • The strongest bonding vinyl ester adhesive in the stone industry

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Lackmond Water Clear Acrylic

  • Fast setting water clear acrylic
  • Outstanding bonding strength for any stone
  • UV stable

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Akemi Platinum Premium Clear

  • Formulated to be a stronger, clearer, and better solution than standard transparent adhesives
  • Mixes very well with tints
  • Use with BPO paste hardener

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Akemi Everclear Adhesive for Marble

  • Transparent / colorless with no discoloring in the contact area
  • Thicker gel consistency lends excellent stability
  • UV stable and solvent free

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Akemi Acrylic Penetrant

  • Low-viscosity, champagne colored acrylic stone adhesive and filler
  • Used for filling fissures and coarse-pored surfaces
  • Very fast surface drying and suitable as an injection resin

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Akemi THIXO Marble Filler Adhesive

  • Used for filling larger holes without running or sagging
  • Great for bonding natural stone in a horizontal or vertical position

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Akemi Liquid Hardener B

  • Liquid hardner for use with variety of Akemi products
  • 20 gram bottle
  • See details inside, not for use with all Akemi products

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