Adhesives & Stone Care

Lackmond 3 in 1 Polisher, Cleaner, & Protector

  • Cleans polishes and preserves granite countertops
  • Non Toxic, Non Acidic, Biodegradable
  • No build up, No streaks, Resists fingerprints

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Akemi Stone Impregnation

  • Protects against dirt, grime, and water
  • Penetrates deep into natural stone, making it extremely waterproof
  • UV Resistant

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Akemi Impregnation Remover

  • The ultimate product to remove all penetrating impregnators, sealers, or enhancers
  • The gel consistency is strong enough to remove the best stone treatments
  • Removes solvent and water-based impregnator treatments
  • Can be used to effectively remove new, uneven, or old treatments

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  • Designed to repair cracks and scratches in granite, marble, engineered stone and other natural stone
  • Excellent melt and flow characteristics
  • Ideal for both installer and home owner

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Akemi Transformer Enhancer / Impregnator

  • Intensifies the natural color and structure of stone
  • Especially suited for dark and black stones
  • Non yellowing with excellent weather resistance and durability

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Akemi Transformer Exotic Enhancer/Impregnator

  • Provides a deep wet effect color intensification and stain protection on more porous and exotic stones
  • Not effected by UV light
  • Exceptionally fast color enhancement

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FillaChip Repair System

  • Ideal for repairing scratches, nicks, chips, gouges, holes, cracks and more on natural stone
  • Starter Kit, Refill Kit, and Replacement Flashlight available

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Integra Surface Bonder XI

  • Available in 250ml and 100ml cartridges
  • 250ml cartridge comes with 2 tips
  • 100ml cartridge comes with 1 tip

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Lackmond Stone Vortex Glue

  • 100% vinyl ester stone adhesive
  • The strongest bonding vinyl ester adhesive in the stone industry

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Liquid colorants for all types of adhesives

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Fillachip Individual Color Kits

  • (1) Color Tube 3cc's
  • (1) Polish Tube 3cc's
  • (2) Dispensing Tips

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